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Drunk Picasso 504 Presents: 

Swap Dat Clothing Swap

Creating  a safe, body positive, and welcoming space to have a drink, browse clothes & costumes, and have fun.


About the Swap

photo nov 28, 3 02 08 pm.jpg

Feel free to bring any of the following to the swap:

  • clothing

  • shoes

  • costumes

  • accessories

  • excess crafting supplies

  • books

  • small items

We have a small area designated for drop off and someone who will quickly sort and hang while you look around. We always have some great items from previous swaps ready to go for those who come early to browse through.


Don’t have anything to get rid of? No Worries. Everyone is always welcome to come through and take what fits, feels good, or you think will look good on your bestie.

Please make sure items are washed, clean, and gently used. Following the swap, basic clothing items like t-shirts and pants will be donated to one of many local New Orleans community organizations. 



If you find a new outfit or item at the swap that you absolutely love, please tag us along with the #swapdat. Nothing brings us more joy than seeing the items that come through get another run out there in the world. 


photo nov 28, 5 39 27 pm.jpg

Many thanks to Saturn Bar for giving us the space to  do all of this. Please check them out and the shows they have. 

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